D.N.A. Story Atelier

D.N.A Storytellers Atelier is a creative space where Archell crafts stories, concepts, and ideas about current societal issues. In his Story Studio, he collaborates with clients to explore stories from various perspectives to create a complete narrative. Once the essence of the story, its DNA, is formed, he focuses on devising concepts and ideas to bring the story to life. The result can range from an interactive theater performance to a simulation game or from a workshop to an exhibition, depending on the goals and desires of the client.

A concrete example is the creation “Poverty Escape.” By integrating the stories of experts by experience on the theme of poverty and debt, Archell has developed a game that allows others to experience what it is like to live in poverty. Participants are immersed in the story of someone living in poverty and experience firsthand the stress it brings and its influence on daily life. Playing this game offers interesting and educational insights for, for example, aid workers, municipal officials, and other professionals dealing with people living in poverty or in debt.

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